Homemade Chocolate

Chocolate is something I love to eat on occasion. I prefer to make is homemade so that I can add the flavors I want. I love adding dried blueberries or cherries or even essential oils. There is just so much you can do with chocolate.

1 cup cocoa butter (use organic when possible)

1 cup organic Dutch cocoa powder

1/2 raw local honey (use local whenever possible it helps with allergies)

1 teaspoon Vanilla (you can make this homemade also. I will share recipe soon)
Either in a double broiler, or LOW heat, melt the cocoa butter and honey. Once melted, remove from heat and mix in rest of ingredients. I will then put on a pan that is either sprayed with oil or use wax paper, then pour the chocolate. This is the time I add fruit or anything else that sounds good to me. If you are going to add essential oils, make sure to add them to the pan after you remove it from the heat. 

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