Essential Oil First Aid Kit

Some of my favorite oils are also great for your all natural first-aid kit! Find a plastic box, add gauze, first-aid tape, and the oils listed. You can make a few to keep on hand.
Lavender– great for burns, cuts, bug bites, bruises, sunburns, and helps with sleep.

Lemon- cleansing, fever, antiseptic, and disinfectant.

Peppermint– indigestion, fever, headaches, muscle aches, and also helps with focus.

Oregano– helps with cold and flu symptoms, warts, skin tags, athletes foot, bacterial infections and is great to use in the diffuser during cold season.

Melaleuca– great for bug bites, athletes foot, helps to remove slivers in skin, great for keeping lice off head.

Helichrysum– bruising, swelling, sprains,shock, and helps with broken bones, and beneficial against viruses.

Myrrh– pain relief, can be applied to open wounds, and is also an astringent.

Thieves– toothaches, headaches, pulls toxins, great for helping to keep the viruses away. Diffuse daily. I also take 2 drops daily in coffee.

Frankincense– inflammation, supports skin tissue recovery.

Lemongrass– cramping muscles and also great for vein health.
Do you have some essential oils that you think should be in a first aid kit? Well then let me know so i can add them to my list!

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  1. Teeniebum says:

    What oils are safe with babies ? 6 month and up


    1. I GOT THIS! says:

      I have used oils on all my kids as newborns. Lavender is my favorite oil. Along with lemon. I mix one drop with a tablespoon coconut oil and apply to bottom of feet. Then I will slowly add more essential oil (one drop at a time) until they can use the oil straight. But you can always diffuse the oils viruses putting them into the skin until they are a bit older.

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      1. Teeniebum says:

        I’m defiantly going g to try that. I’ve tried lavender . But I like the sound of mixing them 🙂


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