How garlic can help with ear infections.

Since I was little, I have suffered from ear infections. The throbbing pain and itching was unbearable. But we didn’t do antibiotics except when absolutely necessary. So we did the next best thing…essentail oils and homemade tinctures. One of my favorites, is garlic oil. When warmed, you can place i in the ear. The garlic helps fight bacteria while helping with the pain. Most garlic oils in the store are expensive or are filled with other fillers that are not needed. So I thought i would share a recipe I love!

Slice 8 cloves of fresh garlic and cover in a mason jar, with 4 ounces of olive oil. 

Let set for seven days, strain, and then pour into a dark bottle ( or in clear bottle and store in a dark place). 

You can warm this and put a few drops in the ear. Let set for about 20 minutes then drain out. What’s even better about this oil is that it can also be used as a chest rub or on wounds to help with healing. 

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