Business backstabbing….yeah it’s a thing!

If there is one thing I CAN NOT STAND, it’s business backstabbing. You run a business, find the right employees/reps, only to have them ripped away by backstabbers. You know the ones…..they wait for you to train them and then steal them away to sign them up under them instead. This is a big reason I have stopped dealing with big home based companies. Then you have the braggers….you know the ones I’m talking about…..they brag about how great they are doing with the business yet some how are still broke. WHY? If you are making this business work then why are you broke? If you truly want to work from home in a great business then find a rep that is willing to work with you daily to meet your goals. They will train you on the correct way to work from home, about the products, and how to relate to customers. They will also teach you that you never purposely STEAL a person from someone that has been working to train this person under them. So my point is…….have respect, value yourself, don’t steal reps, and be a person that others will want to follow! ARE YOU A GOOD LEADER?

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