Natural….my ass!

We hear about natural colorings, natural flavorings and natural flavors…….but do you know the difference? Yeah, I didn’t either! You see the word “natural” and think “oh hey! I can eat that it’s natural” you would be wrong! I remember the first time someone told me about natural flavoring….I said “so what is natural flavoring?” The response wasn’t something I wanted to hear. Saying I was grossed out is a mild understatement. I was told that natural flavorings could contain secretions from the anal glands of a beaver. What the hell! I am still really hoping that was a lie but who really knows. The government doesn’t give a shit what’s in your food so why should you? Right? WRONG!

If you haven’t read the book The Science of Skinny by Dee McCaffrey, CDC then you are missing out on some great information about the foods that you are putting in your body. Like, oh let’s say “natural flavorings”. Let’s just see what they are shall we? In her book, she talks about the fact that natural flavoring refers to substances that are made in a laboratory that have same or similar chemical formulas and flavors, yet are not derived from food. HELLO McFLY! How can it be natural, yet not be derived in some way by food? Yeah, you’re right! It can’t be! But NATURAL FLAVORS not to be confused with the shitty natural flavorings, is made from a natural ingredient such a lemon extract from lemon oil, vanilla extract from actual vanilla beans. So make sure when shopping, YOU READ THE INGREDIENTS REALLY WELL! Know the difference. Don’t buy food that has ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Artificial coloring: every damn M&M we ever ate! Lol yup! Loaded with artificial coloring along with many other foods! But you can make natural coloring using dried herbs! There are great recipes online or check out Dee’s recommendation: India Tree Natural food coloring!

Never think that you can’t have great food without the shit, because you can!

The Science of Skinny by Dee McCaffrey, CDC

ISBN: 978-7382-1558-0


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