The path to healthy…

We all have a story…..that changing moment. That space in time where everything you knew……suddenly changed direction. I, overall, have been pretty healthy with the way I eat. Or so I thought…….I am finding that I have been living a lie. A lie our government is in on. That’s right! This junk they pass off as health food….it’s pure shit. Yeah, I said it. So, I am changing even more. I have been climbing that hill only to slide back down. I started adding bad habits that once again have to be broken. I quit smoking..but there are so many more. So many that we don’t even realize and most…..have to do with food! The processed flour, additives, colorings….why? I am finding myself and healing thy body! One day at a time….every second counts and I am going to make mine great! Time to climb that mountain…..

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