Veggie chili…it’s “what’s for dinner”

I am a nutrition coach that LOVES food. I love to eat food! All kinds of food! The healthier, the better! And no, that doesn’t mean I don’t eat some “bad” food…it just means I have a better way to prepare “bad” food. Well tonight I needed to make a dish for class that was vegetarian. One of my favorite dishes either with meat or without is CHILI!! Hello happiness in a bowl! There is a good amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals that fill me up and make me happy! What I also love about this dish is that it can be a raw dish. You don’t need to cook it but if you want to, you can while keeping the temp to somewhere around about 100-115 degrees F. So awesome right! Ok here is the recipe:

Depending on if you want to juice your own veggies to make vegetable juice or not is up to you. There are more nutrients in juicing your own. If you would like to do this then juice tomatoes, garlic, celery, onion, and any other vegetables you would like to add. You will need about six to eight cups juice.

If you don’t want to juice it then buy a bottle of organic vegetable juice to use instead. How much juice you use will depend on how thick you want the chili.

Kidney beans…you can use organic canned kidney beans or soak some dried beans the day before to have ready for the chili. I use about three cans or cups worth because I like a lot of beans.

Next, you will need 3-5 bell peppers in all colors, a can of spicy tomatoes or fresh tomatoes and jalapeños seeded and sliced. One jalapeño will be fine for those who want flavor but not a lot. You will also need one white onion diced, and five cloves of garlic minced or sliced.

You will also need about 1/3 cup chili powder. If you want to add meant make sure to brown it and then drain it before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.

8 cups vegetable juice

3-5 bell peppers in all colors diced

1 can spicy tomatoes or 2 cups diced fresh tomatoes

5 cloves of garlic sliced or minced

1 onion diced

3 cans kidney beans or 3 cups presoaked dried kidney beans

1 jalapeño seeded and diced (optional)

If adding meat, brown the meat and drain. Add back to the pan. Add the garlic and onions and sauté. Add the canned or fresh tomatoes (you can add both if you want) along with the chili seasoning. Mix well. Add the peppers, and vegetable juice. Cook on medium low for about a half hour. If no meat, then you don’t have to cook or you can cook at a low temperature listed above.


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