Honeyskin Organics ROCKS!


So a few weeks ago my sister and I won some free products from Honeyskin Organics. I was so excited to try them since I have tried so many others with well….bad results. People think “oh organic! This will be great on my hair!” WRONG! Just because it is organic doesn’t equal awesom product! So I ordered my product which I received about five days later in the mail. I was a little worried since I have had some bad luck with other companies. BUT, GUESS WHAT? I LOVED THEM! THAT’S WHAT! (She said in her best Junie B jones voice! You don’t know who that is? Pick up a kids book man!) Fist thing I noticed is that they smell great! Not that overly perfumed smell of the chemical based products you get in the store. Next, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! I feel like I always have to use a ton of conditioner but not with Honeyskin Organics conditioner! I only needed a nickel sized amount. My hair was silky smooth with no issues combing it out. I have had issues with this using other organic brands. I also got the face and body micro dermabrasion wash that has worked wonders for my skin along with my daughters! So if you are looking for amazing products at a great price you need to head over to http://www.honeyskinorganics.com You can also find them on facebook at Honeyskin Organic skin care and instagram at Honeyskinorganics! Just tell them that CODe of beautY sent you! You can also find me on fb at sebernardcob or CODe of beautY and on instagram at sebernard.


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