Just a shout out to a GREAT company!

Soooo my sister and I were lucky enough to win a contest a few weeks ago. It was for free products from a company called Honeyskin Organics. When I found out I won I was so EXCITED!! Then I thought, you know, I bet the products are outrageous in price and then I started to wonder about the company itself. YES! I know I am a dork when it comes to this. So anyways, I did some research and GUESS WHAT! I LOVE THIS COMPANY! (She said in her Junie B jones impression…don’t know who this is? Dude! Ask any kids from K through 12 lol) Honeyskin Organics has the greatest staff ever to answer any questions you could have. The products are a great price for an organic product also, which as anyone who shops Organics knows, is hard to find! They shipped the products out quickly and I received them in the mail about four days later. Now comes the part I always dread…………will the product actually be AWESOME? I have had products that made my hair greasy, dry, ratty feeling where I couldn’t get the comb through, and brittle. NOT HONEYSKIN ORGANICS!!!!!! My hair is soft, shiny and feels great! Better yet, you only need a small amount of shampoo and conditioner unlike store brands where you have to load it down to feel like it’s working. I also got the face and body micro dermabrasion wash that has cleared up my skin along with my daughters! You need to go check this company out! NOW! YES I SAID NOW!!


@honeyskinorganics on Instagram

Honeyskin Organic skin Care on Facebook

Make sure to tell them you heard it from CODe of beautY!

@sebernardcob on facebook

@sebernard on instagram

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