Stress..Anger……is it todays norm?

I am on my way to work and BAM, a car pulls out in ront of me! No big deal right? Just breathe and keep on driving…..BAM second, then third, and now I am stressed along with angry. So many people are in such a hurry now days that we have forgotten what its like to just slow down and enjoy each moment. We are stressed beyond max about being written up at work, losing our jobs, not being able to pay the bills that we have lost sight of the every day. Stress is becoming that silent killer that attacks the body. What ways do you help to eliminate stress? Haven’t thought about it? well some that I enjoy are yoga, walks in the park, and meditation. Yoga is easy to do and great to do with kids. Not sure where to start, try a yoga class. Most are about ten dollars to stop in for the day. Meditation at night for fifteen minutes can reduce stress, clear the mind, and actually relax the muscles, all while helping you sleep. Flower essence is another great suggestion along with essential oils. Listed below are some of the companies I love.




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