Vision board…..yes please!

Most people look at me like I have lost my mind when I talk about vision boards. But, vision boards are a wonderful way to see your goals. Being able to picture your goals allows you to manifest the things you want easier. So…what is a vision board? A vision board is a way to visualize your goals, dreams, and manifestations that you want to make a reality. What do you need to get started? Poster board, or cardboard that you can decorate, some use picture frames, glue, pictures of your goals, magazines, glitter, stickers and just whatever tools that scream “ME”. Before you start, sit down and really think about your life’s path…..what calls to you? What do you want to achieve in life? Do you want a new car? Home? Looking for your soulmate? Or just want more peace in your day to day? A vision board helps you to focus on the things you would like to see happen. A meditation can help to relax you so that you can focus on what you really want. Then when you’re ready….make a list. But not just any list…..make each item that you want, detailed. So say you want a new house…what does the house look like on the outside? On the inside? How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? What does each room look like? Who is living in the house with you? What are some of the things you will be doing in the house that makes it feel like a home? You need to picture this and then put it on your vision board. Then you go down the list and do the same with everything else on your list. Once you have done that…it’s time to make the actual vision board. So now is the time to print or cut out pictures and phrases that speak to your soul and stick them to your vision board. When you are done, hang the board where you see it when you wake and before you go to bed. As you reach your goals, give thanks for the blessings. Make sure o be grateful for all the things you already have also. Each year or when you reach a goal then its time to update your vision board and make new goals……Many blessings!


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