The true essence of Flowers and why they are a must!

I have had many people ask me what flower essence is and why they should try it….so I thought I would explain.

What is flower essence? Essence is the energy of every living thing. As a medium, I know when someone is around by their “essence” or energy that is around me. It is the same with all living things. Flower essence is the energetic imprint at the height of their bloom captured in pure spring water. Then preserved in brandy. This is unique because if you were to test the water, you wouldn’t find anything different about it, yet our body’s energy knows when you ingest the essence and responds.

Flowers take on the essence of that which is around them, just like people. Even though the you can’t see it, the energy is there imprinting and creating the essence of the flower. The best way I can explain it is this: Many believe in god…can you see him? No, but he is still there (for those who believe). For those who are spiritual, i feel that it isn’t hard to explain because they understand vibrations and energy. The same is with the essence of the flowers. They are the vibration of energy that is all around us.

There are essences for just about everything. Fear, anxiety, sadness, joy, manifestation, and chakra clearing just to name a few. Some companies that I love are….

Desert-Alchemy in Tucson Az. Founded in 1983, they are dedicated to making and researching desert flower essences by Cynthia Kemp Scherer. You can find them at

Another company I love is Lotuswei. Started by Katie Hess. With 20,000 hours of logged time, she is incredibly knowledgeable. Their products are amazing and worth looking into.

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