Why Aerogarden is the perfect product for you and your health!

It’s the middle of winter….you just went to the store and paid a fortune for fresh veggies! If you are like me, I had to budget in the fresh fruit and veggies because come winter time the price doubles. So what is the perfect solution to fresh veggies and saving money? THE AEROGARDEN!

The Aerogarden uses hydroponic technology in a compact little machine. It is easy to put together and use, which I love. No soil which equals no hassle, all you need is water and an outlet. Whether you live in an apartment or a home, there is a style and size that will work for you.

My daughter loved being able to help grow the food we would be eating which is teaching her great eating habits. Aerogarden has kid friendly kits which encourages kids to get excited about nutrition by growing their own garden. You can grow everything from vegetables, fruit, and herbs. I grow all my plants then transplant them to pots so that they will continue to produce while I start growing my next set of plants. I may possibly have a home that looks like a jungle……but it provides about 80% of the food we eat. So what does this mean for you? Besides healthier options, you save money because the cost to grow your food at home is significantly lower than buying it form the store. You cut down on your car in footprint which helps the environment. You can grow organically which means no toxic residue left in our soil and no pesticides!

So what do you need to know: the style I bought isn’t one you can buy so I found the one closest to it that they carry which would be the HARVEST 360. It costs about $150 before taxes and shipping which is a steal when you think about all the money you will save in the long run. This model will grow six plants at a time. It uses 20w LED full spectrum grow lights. The top raises to a twelve inch grow height. It is round in shape and compact which makes it easy to use on any counter without taking up a ton of counter space. The best part….there is an easy automatic reminder for the water and plant food so you can’t mess this up! You can pick from three colors, and it comes with a six pod seed kit to get you started.

As you can see, I love my Aerogarden for many reasons. I give it five stars and I am looking at buying another one so I can grow even more! My goal is to cut out buying any produce from the store. So overall, the Aerogarden is cost efficient, easy to use, environmentally friendly, uses very little energy, soil free, and creates a healthy outlook on nutrition.

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