Making changes: can I make it to completely vegan?

UPDATE: so i am having success in the going vegetarian but struggling a bit with cravings when it comes to vegan. So I am taking this journey slowly. I have learned there is always a reason for not jumping headfirst or changing direction in life……it usually means I need to think things through and going headfirst won’t work. So it’s Gods way of saying you need to take this step by step so you are not overwhelmed. So onward and upward on the vegan road.

So I am a pretty healthy person but started having some issues recently. I realized that I felt the best while I was vegan and had been thinking about heading back down that road. But could I give up all my meat? Yes! Milk? Yes to that also! But giving up heavy whipping cream and sour cream along with cheeses were always my downfall. About six months ago a friend told me to try Daiya! All i could think was yeah right…it can’t really taste like actual cheese. But… did!!! I made a grilled cheese and vegan cheesy potatoes…..yup i could give up dairy based cheeses. So i am heading back down the road to vegan. I will take it slow but can’t wait to see improvement in my health, have more energy, and just know I am supporting a better environment! So…..send me good vibes! Lol


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