Better way to mow the lawn

So as everyone knows, I HATE MOWING THE LAWN! I usually wait so that I can harvest dandelions and any other items such as plantain.

But when its time to mow, I have always used a gas lawn mower. They are extremely hard to start, hard to push when you are all of 5 ft nothing, and can be expensive if you get one that is self propelled. However, i still have to mow my lawn…… I invested in a battery operated one! YESSSSS!!!! I said battery operated! Not only is it better for the environment, its light weight so easy to use, push button start and the batteries last long enough to do my whole yard. I have about a half acre.

I ended up getting:

Hyper Tough 40-Volt 16 inch cordless mower.

2x20V 4.0AH power system

16 inch cutting blade

2 in 1 mulching or bagging system ( I don’t use this because i leave the grass on the ground or if i do use it, i compost it)

Up to a 40 minute run time ( this will depend on length of lawn). It also has 5 mowing levels so that you can pick the perfect one for your grass length.

I know this post seems of the wall but the fact that to me its better for the environment, allows me to easily mow my lawn, use the clippings for composting, and is pretty inexpensive….I couldn’t help but sharing.

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