Why Facebook will be the death of me…..

You open your app and start scrolling! You get so excited to see what all your friends have been doing and then…..

BAM! There is is! A fake news article, slamming the president/defending the president, BLM/ALM, fights of amendments, fights over masks, and so much more.

There is so much hate behind those posts and for what? Did that hate solve anything? Did you change their mind? No? Then why keep going at them?

We tend to attack people when they don’t have the same views as us. Twenty years ago, we didn’t have social media so didn’t really deal with things like this. I miss the days where we didn’t discuss religion, money, and politics. The days where we didn’t hate people for things that were none of our business. When we did things as a family and didn’t hate our neighbors. We grew up in a neighborhood with people from all backgrounds….they were not judged by the color of their skin but on whether they were stellar at playing Bloody Mary or catching a football. We ate popsicles and went in when the lights came on……now……now I can’t let my kid play without a mask. I have to worry who they are talking to and whether they are predator.

Although I knew some of the hate existed, I didn’t have it thrown in my face daily. Thanks to Facebook my life has become a constant hate attacks daily and it caused me to hit my breaking point. I am also seeing more people having break downs because they can’t handle what’s going on. Instead of people trying to help, they attack! If you feel the need to attack, please….take a step back from social media and focus on you! As of today I deleted my Facebook app and will not be getting back on. I value my family, friends and myself, along with my health more than getting upset while on fb.

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