2020 in a nutshell

We have all slapped our foreheads a few times through all that has happened. I have been screamed at, treated like the enemy, told that I was ignorant and this was just in one day! Now add multiple days of this because no one can agree to disagree and its become hell.

Oh and don’t forget Virtual Learning! What the hell was I thinking! I didn’t send my child back due to some health issues but lets be honest….this shit is nuts. Six different teachers all on a platform that is a pain in the ass and no one knows whats going on. Thank god, for the most part, that the teachers are awesome and well, just as confused. It makes me think that just maybe, I am not failing as a parent.

Now my brain got this smart idea to redo the floors while in lock down…..do I know how to do floors? NOPE! Stupid me thought “SURE, WHY THE HELL NOT! LET’S LAY SOME FLOORS BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA.” It was so NOT a good idea. Then better yet…..i decided to paint! I hate PAINTING!!

So now we are coming up on the end of the year…I predicted aliens and zombies. I feel like I got screwed since no zombies have shown up yet but if they make it for Halloween, it would be golden. Halloween may get canceled, and that’s my favorite holiday so that sucks. But I will make sure we do something that the kids can remember.

Overall, I have realized that I love my family and friends. I have learned that I can overcome even the things that could have destroyed me. I learned to enjoy the little things with my family. I even started working more on my business. My friend and I are pushing forward with Michigan Spirit Talkers. Merchandise, FB, Instagram and decals have all been worked and so they can be made. We are doing some traveling so we can do some investigations which is “WAY COOL” lol. So stay humble friends and get out there and create the life you have wanted. The lockdown has shown me that when one door closes, another one opens.


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