Happi Hippo plant organics makes me happy!

UPDATE: this is another reason I love this company!!! you can find them on Facebook and Instagram! Tell them Sarah from Code of beauty sent you! ❤️

As a holistic momma and practitioner, I am always looking for awesome companies that are great health wise but also safe for the environment.

Recently, I came across a company called Happi Hippo! Not only is the name stinkin cute, the company is GREAT!!!!

The company was started by Ann Kartini who is such amazing person and so sweet! She is a dentist with a passion for overall health and wellness. You can read her story on Facebook and Instagram. It is worth the read and the products are wonderful! I have wanted a bamboo toothbrush for awhile and found that most companies were not as environmentally sound as they said and they were really expensive. Ann’s products are high quality, environmentally safe, and VEGAN!!! So basically perfect for everyone! I also love the packaging which can all be recycled (and its really cute and just makes you want to smile!).

Go check out Happi Hippo plant organics at:


On FB at: Happi Hippo Plant Organics

On IG at: Happihippoplantorganics


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