Will not support Pluto phone cases!

So my daughter is all excited, why you ask? Because she just ordered the Pluto case that everyone is raving about! She is so excited to receive it and use it!

So why is this case something she has to have? Because it sticks to any flat surface so makes it perfect for making videos etc. She begs me to order it and then waits patiently for it! And then it happens…..she gets the case.

She opens the package and first thing she sees is that it is damaged but only in a small spot. Then when she tries it, it doesn’t stick so we clean it like it says and still will only stick to a few flat surfaces not all. But when she goes to take it off, the edge starts to tear. What good is a phone case that sticks if it tears every time you take it down from what you stick it to?

I message the company only for them to tell me sorry we don’t do refunds but will send you a new case. Ok, well we waited for a week to get yours and then it was not usable. I then had to go out and buy another case because there was no way I was letting a 13year have a phone without a case on it. So now I have will have a new case they are sending me that will never be used when in fact, they should have sent a refund. I had to go back through the site to see policy on returns and although I didn’t see it the first time (BECAUSE I WOULD NEVER HAVE BOUGHT FROM THEM) it does say exchanges only unless out of stock then will return.

Moral of the story? Read the fine print and NEVER EVER buy from a company that doesn’t have a return policy!

You can see clearly the damage to case
There are scratches (ignore the cat hair) and tears on the edges. It was like this when shipped. The top right corner pulled after one time putting it on the wall to test it out. It fell off the wall and didn’t even hold like it said it would in a flat surface.

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