Breathe easier with lung tea

There is nothing worse then having allergies, and not being able to clear the lungs. I was sick of taking OTC meds and knew there was a better option.

When I started down the holistic path, I knew that if I wanted fix my body naturally it was going to take some time……and A LOT of learning. I had a degree in plants but needed to KNOW more. So back to school I went. I wanted not only to help myself, I wanted to help others.

So I learned about herbs, nutrition, auricular therapy, toe reading, flower essence, essential oils, life coaching, and hypnotherapy. I needed to know how each item plays a role in health. It was at this point that I learned that herbs are amazing with helping the body to find their natural strength. I also learned my lungs needed this lol.

So here is my lung tea:

2 cups marshmallow root

3 cups Elcampane

2 cups Mullein

1 cup Echinacea

1 cup Calendula

1 cup Chamomile

1/2 Valerian root

1/2 Lavender

You can mix other things in with this such as orange peel, lemon peel, and ginger. Mix all of this together and store in glass mason jars.

When ready to drink you can make a cup or a pot full (depending on how much you want to drink. It does contain valerian and lavender which help with calming and sleep. You can omit the valerian if it make you too sleepy.) I use about a tablespoon per glass. Mesh tea bags work great for brewing.


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