Preteen/adult readers GET READY!


Do you love to read? Love historical books with lots of adventure? Then this book is for you! Suzanne is an amazing writer and allows girls to escape to seek adventure all over the world. Book one in this series will steal your heart!


Return to the riotous start of the French Revolution with this amazing tale of survival and adventure. The world is chaos for Angelina Savoy. The citizens of France are starving and raging mad. Thousands of French peasants are ready to beat down the doors of the King’s home and kill for food. Join Angelina Savoy, who is best friend and servant to Marie Therese, the daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Angelina’s life is secure and glamourous working for the royal family living in the Palace of Versailles. Her world is suddenly shattered, she is alone for the first time in her life. She has to endure the pain of leaving behind her best friend and her privileged life.Follow Angelina on her quest to find her only living relative, Uncle Claude Savoy, who lives on Mackinac Island in the Northwest Territory. It will take all Angelina’s strength of mind and body to finance her journey escaping out of France. Can Angelina find a ship to stow away on that will take her to America? Will she make it to Mackinac Island or, will she get captured trying to escape out of France?

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