About me

My name is Sarah Bernard and I am Holistic Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and well known medium from Michigan. Although trained in many aspects of the holistic field, my focus is family nutrition. This theme is especially rewarding to me as I strive to raise my daughters with the fundamental values of nutrition in a world full of processed foods. Because of my background in being raised in a holistic home, I know the importance of starting young. Family nutrition has a very strong hold on how children are raised because the aspect starts during childhood.

It was when I was just four years old that I realized I had a gift. I would see people in my room and run out and tell my parents to come get the ghosts. They laughed it off. As a teenager I would block it out and ignore the callings. Causing so much undiagnosed anxiety and stress. It wasn’t until I met with a mental therapist that I finally had a word for what had controlled my life. I was a medium.

Being a medium hasn’t always been easy, readings can be extremely tough on the body and physically and emotionally draining. This gift has allowed me to work with many people from all over the world for which I am so grateful for. As a medium, my focus is parents who have lost children. My own personal pull to that topic was the loss of my young niece who was taken from us in a horrific circumstance. Because of that, helping others with the ache of losing a child has become a personal and professional priority.

Years later, I was lucky enough to find a great friend and partner who is the perfect fit for my spunky and outgoing attitude. Tanya, who is also a medium, is always up for a long reading and is dedicated in growing our business together.

While raising my girls here in Michigan, I know first hand the challenges of always staying on the Holistic lifestyle. Thankfully, we are a very active family who knows that a healthy lifestyle plays a key role in a long and healthy life.

If you are looking for a reading, you can reach me at double threat mediums on Facebook, And if you are looking for a coaching session, you can find me at http://www.codeofbeauty.info @sebernardcob


I am a holistic medium who is focused on helping others to forgive those who have hurt them, believe in the person they are meant to be, by achieving personal success, all while amplifying their voice so they can shout to the world that they too, are beautiful. My mission is to help families find their nutritional life path through coaching and spiritual guidance. With knowledge, they will be able to gain a healthier outlook when it comes to food.