Services offered

Services I provide are:

One on one coaching: which includes an intake evaluation to learn about medical background, health issues, dietary restrictions, and goals. If needed, we will work with your doctor to make sure there are no issues standing in the way of the changes that will be made ( a release will need to be signed). You will have access to facebook page that is only for clients that do the one on one coaching. The page will include recipes, shopping tips and other clients who will help to encourage you to meet the goals to are trying to achieve. We will find a food lifestyle that works for you depending on the changes you are wanting to make. This will include a meal plan for the first month based on small changes that you want to start with. Cost: $35 per session four session minimum.

Group shopping do’s and don’t: this will include a scheduled group visit to grocery stores and local farmers markets to discuss S.O.U.L eating and why buying local is important. We will also look at labels, how to shop, what parts of the the store should stay mainly off limits and ways to get the most for your money. We will also discuss the difference in organic labeling. Cost: $15 per person or $25 per family per one hour class. Class must have a minimum of 15 people.

Cooking for your lifestyle: Cooking is a great way to bring the family together and create amazing dishes that are not only fun but taste great also! The classes will allow families to cook together while creating meals that both parents and kids will love. There will be cooking for one classes also. All will be taught by an awesome chef as I teach you the benefits of the foods selected! Come have some fun! Cost: $20 per individual and $35 per family per one hour class. A recipe book of more fun ideas will be available for $5.00.

Group coaching: this is a great way for a family, group of friends, or a job site can get a nutritional session and create a support group for reaching goals. This helps those who feel that a support group is needed. We will work on journaling, conscious eating, learning to listen to our bodies when the stomach says its full, and encouraging each other to see the beauty within. Cost: is $150 per group of five per one hour session.

This is just for my coaching. I also offer readings for clients. I charge $80 per hour. You receive two mediums for that price. I read with a friend of mine so that the client will get a well rounded and very accurate reading.

Life coaching will be $35 an hour with at least three visit contract. This will allows the client to see changes happen.